Looking for a second career filled with service and purpose?

If you are a veteran who wants to continue your commitment to community after your tour of duty ends, a career in funeral service may be your perfect next mission. How will you know if this is your calling? Access these comprehensive resources to learn more about how your skills align, what educational opportunities and resources are available, and hear from veterans who have made the transition.


Beginning in Fall 2021, the Funeral Service Foundation and the ICCFA Educational Foundation will offer two $5,000 academic scholarships each year to military veterans pursuing education in funeral service. The Hunter M. Harbeson Memorial Scholarship will offer one $2,500 academic scholarship each year to military veterans pursuing education in funeral service.


Eligibility Requirements
The scholarships are available to any United States or Canadian military veteran that has honorably served on active duty, National Guard or reserve status and is seeking enrollment in a degree program or additional training necessary to secure employment in the funeral service profession. Awards are paid directly to the accredited program or institution on behalf of the scholarship winner. Applicants will complete a few brief essay questions and submit a two-minute video as part of the application process.


Please enter your contact information below if you would like to receive a reminder email and application link once the scholarship process opens for the next available cycle. The fall cycle runs from September 15 – November 1 each year, and the spring cycle runs from February 15 – April 1.