Len Ohlman – Master Seaman Canadian Navy

Len Ohlman entered the Canadian Navy at age 18. After completing his basic training, he served on the Canadian ships as a Boatswain for five years and then commenced training to become a Military Policeman. During his time in the military, he traveled throughout Canada and Asia and served in the former Yugoslavia with the UN and NATO. After having served 21 years, Len had attained the rank of Master Seaman and decided that he wanted to be home with his family more and to experience life outside the military and therefore decided to retire and pursue a career in the Funeral Profession.

Len’s father passed away when he was 14 years old, so he had an early experience with death of a loved one. This difficult moment made a massive impact on him as a young man, but he still remembers the kindness and compassion shown by those who helped his family cope.

The skills he gained during his service in the military contribute to his work today – including a strong work ethic, the ability to follow orders, and working long, unusual hours. He was always a team player and worked every day with little time off. He also contributes his emotional strength and stress management skills to the military.

Len is now the Manager of Park Memorial in Edmonton, Alberta, a role in which he manages the day-to-day operations of a family-owned funeral home. For him, the transition to civilian life certainly had its challenges, but he is continuously open to new ways of accomplishing goals and is accepting of various points of view – traits that are necessary for both the military and the workplace.