Richard Houston – Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps

Richard Houston served as a sergeant in the Marine Corps for 8 years – a time he describes as “a rollercoaster of friendship, comradery, tragedy, and problem solving.” His service taught him how to appreciate the value of time as well as how to remain disciplined and focused on every task thrown his way.

Even before his time as a Marine, Houston has had a passion for computers and technology. These skills have allowed him to excel in his career. In addition to these capabilities, he believes that veterans bring a sense of honor and compassion to the workplace – respected attributes that are obtained during military service.

Today, Houston is an Account Manager at webCemeteries, where he works with funeral professionals and guides them on talking to families during difficult times. He experienced several challenges during his transition between service and civilian life, including combatting the stigma that veterans are troubled or uneducated. He and many others continuously prove this misconception wrong, while bringing compassion and knowledge to the job every day.