Shawn Williamson Bio

Shawn Williamson – Lieutenant Colonel (LCol), Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) At the age of 12, Shawn Williamson experienced love at first flight when he joined a national youth program called the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Thanks to his next-door neighbours who were also in the group, Shawn developed a passion […]


Len Ohlman Bio

Len Ohlman – Master Seaman Canadian Navy Len Ohlman entered the Canadian Navy at age 18. After completing his basic training, he served on the Canadian ships as a Boatswain for five years and then commenced training to become a Military Policeman. During his time in the military, he traveled throughout Canada and Asia and […]


Wayne Ford Bio

Wayne Ford – Commanding Officer Canadian Army Wayne Ford served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 37 years. He held the ranks of Army Chief Warrant Officer and retired as a Commanding Officer. He made his transition from the military to the funeral profession at age 55. Wayne’s military service taught him an abundance of […]